subfamily: TRICHIINAE
genus: INCALA Thomson 1857
species: maculipennis Moser, 1916
origin: Tanzania, Rubeho Mt., near Kilosa I/2011 P. Malec leg. (ex larvae)
wild imago size: 20 mm
breeding difficulty: medium, very similiar larval and pupal habits as previous species, adult beetles however oviposit soon after mating. Beetles donīt accept any food and are probably with nocturnal activity.
note: My F2 generation adults just hatched and it seems they occasionally feed on ripe banana, also they start mating instantly after hatching and females are able to lay eggs within next few days.

genus: CLASTOCNEMIS Burmeister 1840
species: quadrimaculatus (Afzelius, 1817)
origin: Sierra Leone, Peninsula Mt., near Black Johnson, 218 m, 14.5.2013 P. Malec leg.
wild imago size: 13-15 mm
breeding difficulty: Very easy. I already breed 2nd generation of this small trichinii. Lifecycle takes approx. 3 months.


Incala with their pupation cells

Clastocnemis quadrimaculatus (female-left; male-right)
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