genus: PELIDNOTA Macleay 1817
species: virescens Burmeister, 1844
origin: Mexico
wild imago size: 25-27 mm
breeding difficulty: medium to difficult, larvae were fed on mixture with high content of rotten and semi-rotten wood, they build cocoons like cetoniinae, but their structure is fragile and itīs better not to disturb or replace pupa during this stage, pupation was very long - around 6 month. Freshly hatched adults were strong and vital, they were mating, but no ovipositon was achieved.


genus: ANOMALA Samouelle 1819
species: cuprea (Hope,1839)
origin: Japan
wild imago size: 21-23 mm
breeding difficulty: medium to difficult, generally similiar kind of breeding like above mentioned species. I reproduced only one generation of this species.


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