genus: STEPHANORRHINA Burmeister 1842
species: guttata Olivier 1789
origin: Cameroon

species: princeps Oberthür 1880
subspecies: bamptoni Allard 1984
origin: Malawi, Dedza, 4/2000, leg. Petr Malec
note: species has several colour aberrations - from purple to light-green, in higher altitudes mainly purple variety is present.

subspecies: pygidiomaculata Schürhoff 1935
origin: Tanzania

species: adelpha Kolbe 1897
origin: nominal form from Kenya, Uganda (Bigodi, near Kibale Forrest; 11/2006; leg. P. Malec)

species: adelpha Kolbe 1897
subspecies: molleti Allard 1984
origin: SW Ethiopia, leg. Petr Malec 5/2003 (ex larvae); det. Gerhard Beinhundner

species: julia (Waterhouse, 1879)
origin: Cameroon

wild imago size: 22-28 mm, sp. adelpha somewhat larger than others
sexual dimorphism: males have frons elongated to the two small horns, absent for sp. julia

Brisk and active tribe, essentially easy-to-breed. Life cycle takes 6-8 months, 2-4 months in cocoon stage.

Stephanorrhina princeps bamptoni

Stephanorrhina princeps pygidiomaculata

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