genus: MECYNORHINA Hope 1837
species: oberthueri   Fairmaire 1903
origin: Tanzania, Usambara Mt.

species: torquata   Drury 1782
origin: Cameroon
origin2: Sierra Leone, Bintumani peak, V/2013, P. Malec leg.

species: ugandensis   Moser 1907
origin: Rwanda, Uganda, Zaire

wild imago size: females 45-60mm, males 50-85mm, M. torquata a M.ugandensis are considered as the biggest in genus, M. oberthuri are somewhat smaller
sexual dimorphism : males have vigorous frontal horn on clypeus, pointed at the end
note: very popular and attractive beetles. Breeding seems to be not very complicated, but I had some lost cocoons in my first generation. Life cycle takes 10-12 months (usually 3 months in cocoon stage). Larvae have no special feed demands. Taxonomical competence of sp. ugandensis as a valid good species is uncertain.

Mecynorhina oberthueri >>,>>> wild imago

Mecynorhina oberthueri - another colour form

>,>> Mecynorhina torquata (Cameroon) >>> Mecynorhina torquata (Sierra Leone)
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