genus: JUMNOS Saunders 1839
species: ruckeri Saunders 1839
origin: Thailand
wild imago size: 40-60 mm
sexual dimorphism: males have visibly elongated frontal tarsae
note: Breeding of this population seems to be easy. It usually takes 3 months in cocoon stage and when pupate substrate moisture must be kept quite dry.

genus: TRICHAULAX Kraatz 1880
species: macleayi Kraatz 1894

species: philipsii Schreibers 1802

origin: Australia
sexual dimorphism: males with abdominal groove on sternits
wild imago size: around 40mm, T.philipsii usually rather smaller
note: Trichaulax pupae usually remain in cocoon for about 4-6 months before adults hatch. Beetles are very brisk and active.

Jumnos ruckeri

Trichaulax macleayi

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