genus: CHELORRHINA  Burmeister 1842
species: polyphemus  Fabricius 1871
subspecies: confluens  Kraatz 1890
origin: Zaire
species: savagei  Harris 1844
origin: Guinea, Cameroon
species: kraatzi  Moser 1905
origin: Cameroon

wild imago size: females around 45 mm, males 35-80 mm, Ch.polyphemus is the largest in genus
sexual dimorphism: males with long straight horn, bifurcated by the ending
note: attractive beetles, sp.polyphemus is supossed to be easy to keep, sp. savagei and paticularly sp.kraatzi can`t be bred very well,weak oviposition and pupa decease are the main breeding troubles.

Chelorrhina polyphemus

Chelorrhina polyphemus gynandomorphic form

Chelorrhina savagei (Guinea)

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